Meet Our Team

  • Michele Odems » Principal Broker and Property Manager
    picture of Michele Odems

    Michele is committed to providing EXCELLENT customer service. She interfaces with the owners to ensure that the management services provided meet the specific goals they have for their rental property. As a Real Estate investor herself, Michele knows how important it is to properly screen tenants, to safeguard the condition of the home, to communicate effectively with tenants and owners, to provide accurate records, to get rental income to owners as soon as possible, and to ensure that all questions, requests, or concerns are addressed properly and quickly.

    Office: 703-590-8109
    Cell: 703-963-6540
  • Chelsea » Office Manager
    Picture of Chelsea

    Chelsea puts her unique experience to work for us, keeping everything in the office running smoothly and supporting the property managers, assistant property managers, agents and maintenance staff. She handles tenant screening, answers questions and welcomes visitors to the office. She makes sure the teams have everything they need so they can focus on what they are best at, managing properties!

    Office : 703-590-9993
  • Nabeel Zahid » Business Development Manager
    Picture of Nabeel ZahidNabeel Zahid

    As home owners consider transitioning their home into a rental property, Nabeel meets with them to discuss market pricing, getting the home into ready-to-rent condition, the risks associated becoming a real estate investor, and the ways in which RPM Direct can assist as they navigate this transition. Nabeel will education new investors on current Virginia Landlord Tenant Laws, budgeting for maintenance, screening tenants, and the new dynamics that COVID-19 has introduced into our industry.

    Office : 703-590-3339
  • Antoinette Wilcox » Property Manager
    picture of Antoinette Wilcox

    Antoinette is a licensed Realtor and is the primary point of contact for landlords. Antoinette has a long term history with our company and is now using her excellent management skills to ensure that our landlords and our managed properties get the best possible service available. Antoinette handles landlord intake, lease renewals, new vendor coordination, tenant security deposit dispositions, and a wide variety of other tasks needed to ensure that our landlords interests are best protected.

    Office: 703-570-6938
  • Blue Team

  • Amy Walnetski » Assistant Property Manager - Blue Team
    picture of Amy Walnetski

    Amy is the primary point of contact for tenants who occupy our properties which have street names beginning with A-J. Amy handles the tenant move-in process and the scheduling and coordination between tenants and contractors needed to keep our managed properties in good working order! Amy also coordinates the HVAC inspections for properties that have annual service contracts, ensures that HOA violations are addressed, and schedules cleaning and other tasks that are needed to get properties in ready-to-rent condition.

    Office: 703-590-9860
  • Nathan Odems » Property Inspector
    picture of Nathan Odems

    Nathan is out of the office every day performing interior and exterior inspections, check-in and check-out inspections, transition inspections and 90-day inspections conducted before lease end dates. With almost 400 properties under management, this keeps Nathan and his camera and iPad busy at all times. Nathan was our very first inspector during the 2009-2011 timeframe and has re-joined the family business in 2016.

    Cell: 703-973-0707
  • Laura Lamb » Associate Broker
    picture of Laura Lamb

    Laura brings her extensive Real Estate knowledge and experience to provide service in our tenant procurement and home sales processes. Laura provides comparative market analyses to optimally price rental properties so that owners can balance between maximizing cash flow and minimizing vacancies. Laura ensures that properties are in ready to rent condition and spends a significant amount of time showing properties to prospective tenants. Laura also provides market data annually to our owners so that they may make critical financial decisions regarding whether they will continue to maintain their rental property or market the home for sale.

    Office: 703-590-8109
    Cell: (703) 615-9184
  • Brown Team

  • Elizabeth Lintner » Assistant Property Manager - Brown Team
    picture of elizabeth lintner

    Elizabeth is the primary point of contact for tenants who occupy our properties which have street names beginning with K-Z. Elizabeth handles the tenant move-in process and the scheduling and coordination between tenants and contractors needed to keep our managed properties in good working order!

    Office: 571-313-5798
  • Johnny Neill » Property Superintendent
    picture of Johnny Neill

    Johnny oversees all property inspections, coordinates and interfaces with vendors for work order completion, and performs light maintenance on properties as needed. Johnny plays a critical role in ensuring that all work orders are promptly and effectively addressed, and that any necessary or preventative maintenance issues are identified and presented to the owners. Johnny has extensive experience in all aspects of the building industry and is a valuable asset to our team.

    Cell: 571-302-6923
  • Dale Brundage » Realtor
    picture of Dale Brundage

    Dale’s experience as a member of a fast paced local Real Estate team for the past five years brings just the right skills needed to support our landlords. His knowledge of technology and marketing, along with his excellent communication skills, helps maximize the lead generation and follow-up required for our property listings. Dale also worked as a HUD property manager for 6 years and is a certified negotiation expert. We are very fortunate to have him on our Realtor team.

    Cell: 703-965-5381
  • Lee Odems » Founder, Mentor, Coach
    picture of Lee Odems

    Although Lee is no longer with us, we are always striving to live up to the level of excellence that he constantly sought.