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Tenant Screening 101

Michele - Friday, March 26, 2021
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Tenant screening can be a tedious process and can result in a negative outcome if done incorrectly.  With many Americans impacted by COVID, fraud and identity theft are on the rise in the rental market.  With RPM Direct’s thorough process, we can minimize the risk of accepting false documentation that often results in unpaid rent. 

Hiring a property manager can increase your return on investment by making every effort to secure a financially responsible renter who will care for your property as their own. Our extensive process includes reviewing:

  • Criminal Reports
  • Credit Reports
  • Employment Verification 
  • Rental History

If you choose to self-manage a property, you must take into account the time commitment associated with finding the right tenant. Once you have taken the time and spent the money to review reports and check employment and rental history, there is still no guarantee it will work out. Repeating this process year after year can be frustrating and quite expensive. Property management can increase retention rates by finding financially stable long-term tenants and removing you from this stressful process. 

Choosing a tenant based on personality alone can be detrimental to your investment. Our red/yellow/green risk indicator allows us to provide the best recommendations for your property when it comes to security deposits. Additionally, having a system in place protects our landlords from Fair Housing complaints that may arise. With more than 1000 successful tenant placements in the past 12 years, RPM Direct, LLC has established an effective process that produces responsible renters. 

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