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Talking to Tenants – Leave that to us!!

Michele - Sunday, September 27, 2015
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Earlier this year, one of our landlords who lives locally stopped by his rental property, knocked on the door, introduced himself and let the tenant know that he wanted to sell the home at some point in the future, so he offered to be flexible if the tenant had any interest in terminating the lease early. (Sorry M.R. you know this post is about you!). Coincidentally, the tenant had been thinking about buying a home, so a week later, he ratified a contract to purchase a new home and let the landlord know that he’d be moving out within a month. Certainly, that isn’t what the landlord meant when he said he’d be flexible; he assumed the tenant would provide a 60 to 90 day notice, and would likely do so in the springtime. He did not anticipate that the tenant would take immediate action and expect to be let out of the lease within the month. Fortunately, the owner was able to further negotiate and we prepared a lease termination agreement that worked out well for him, but the communication initiated by the landlord set off a very unexpected series of events that needed swift reaction.

We find that conversations between landlords often lead to miscommunications or discussions of options that are inconsistent with the provisions of the lease. In order for us to best support the landlords’ interests during our management term, we prefer to manage all communications with the tenants and will not share the owner’s contact info with the tenants. We are committed to providing quality management services and believe that control of the communication with the tenant is an important and critical part of that process.