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New Virginia Law Impacts Tenant's Water Service Accounts

Michele - Sunday, June 17, 2012
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Unlike other utility bills that remain the responsibility of the tenant, final water bills can end up as a lien on a landlord's home if they are not paid promptly by the tenant.  A new Virginia Law, which goes into effect on July 1st seeks to reduce the impact on landlords by requiring tenants to pay a $250 deposit when setting up a new water service account.  This deposit will then be applied to the final bill, greatly reducing the number of unpaid final bills and therefore greatly reducing the number of liens on properties.

While the new law has a positive benefit for landlords, new tenants are already expressing concerns about having to provide a $250 deposit to initiate their water service along with all the other costs of moving into a new home.

Click here to see more information from PWCSA on their implementation of the new law.  Other local water authorities have similar new procedures.