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Military on the Move!

Michele - Thursday, April 2, 2015
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Almost every time that I sit across from a new landlord and ask about their goals for transitioning their home into a rental property, they mention that the perfect scenario would be for a Military family to rent their home for 3 years. Landlords expect that Military families would make perfect tenants based on the housing allowances provided and the level of financial accountability that is expected/demanded of a service member.We do market our listings on the Military targeted web sites and about half of our tenants are Military, so many of our owners do end up signing long term leases with active duty Military families.

It is important that landlords are also aware of the protective clause that is included in our lease. All Virginia leases include a Military Clause as required by the Service Members Civil Relief Act which allows Military tenants to break their lease without penalty with a 30-60 day notice if they receive orders to transfer to a new duty station or retire or leave the service. This week we received early termination requests from 3 different tenants who received orders and will be terminating their leases early after less than one year in the property. Since the majority of our landlords are also affiliated with the Military, they are familiar with the Military Clause but some of our non-Military landlords are surprised by the unexpected early lease terminations. Fortunately, most Military service members do stay in place for 3 or more years, and those who do get transferred early often get transferred during the spring and summer months which allow owners to take advantage of the spring/summer demand when procuring a new tenant.

We truly enjoy serving the hundreds of landlords and tenants who are or have been in uniform serving our country.