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Few Tenants Travel with Their Washers and Dryers!

Michele - Thursday, March 12, 2015
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In some parts of the country, rental properties are provided without washers and dryers, as tenants are expected to provide those units. However, in our area, 80+ percent of the rental properties available have a washer and dryer installed. So in this area, the average rental price assumes that a washer and dryer are present.

There are some perspective tenants, typically Military service members who have previously lived in Government Quarters, who will have their own washers and dryers. However, we suggest that landlords who do not have washers and dryers installed should be open to purchasing them if requested by an interested tenant. Rarely are tenants who do not already have a washer and dryer open to purchasing one.  Limiting prospective tenants only to those who have their own washer dryer could significantly impact the number of days it will take to get a property rented.

Local retailers such as Home Depot and Lowes typically have washer and dryer sets on sale for approximately $1000. While this may appear to be an expensive purchase, the cost of having a property on the market for an additional 2-4 weeks in order to find a tenant with their own washer and dryer will often be even more costly in terms of lost rent.