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Evictions Possible – With Conditions!

Michele - Monday, September 21, 2020
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I’m sure you’ve heard that the CDC has “extended” the Eviction Moratorium through the end of the year.  We met with our attorney last week to get his interpretation on what actions we can and cannot take on behalf of our landlords

We’ve been advised that we CAN move forward with issuing Non-Compliance Notices for non-payment of rent and file Unlawful Detainers (for evictions).  BUT, if tenants provide us (or the landlord) with a completed CDC Declaration Form, then all action must be halted until the end of the year.  On the Declaration Form, the tenant must affirm that he or she makes less than $99K per year (double that for a couple), has been impacted financially due to loss of income or high medical bills, has tried to work on a payment plan, and has tried to access other sources of funds.  Attempting to continue with an eviction after a tenant has provided the Declaration Form will result in significant penalties (fines and jail) for the landlord or property manager.

We are taking all legal action possible where any of our tenants are late with rent.  At the same time, we are also providing those tenants with information regarding where they can get government assistance for rent payments though options like the Virginia Rent and Mortgage Relief Program.

The good news is that 98% of tenants in our managed properties are paying rent on time!  We are hopeful that will continue as Virginia strives to manage both the health risks and the economic impact of COVID on our communities.