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Be Amazing or Go Home!

Michele - Monday, December 23, 2019
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All of our employees have read and EMBRACED this phenomenal book and the perspectives that it promotes.  Our employees are committed to the following habits:

  • THE FIRST HABIT: Amazing People Show Up Ready to Amaze – Our staff is ready to provide excellent service to our landlords, tenants, and applicants every day!  We show up on time (or early), we love our jobs, and we know that our level of responsiveness has a huge impact on our landlords’ bottom line and on our tenants’ sense of “home”.
  • THE SECOND HABIT: Amazing People are Proactive – We focus on anticipating future needs and risks.  Therefore, during the fall and winter months, our staff is working on ways to improve all of our processes…upgrading our software, automating manual processes, hiring new vendors, finding ways to do everything better so we can be ready to roll for the spring rental demand!
  • THE THIRD HABIT: Amazing People Want Feedback (The good, the bad and the ugly!) – Our maintenance system requests feedback for every completed work order.  We love your compliments and your suggestions for all aspects of our management services.  Your feedback helps us shore up any areas that need attention.
  • THE FOURTH HABIT: Amazing People Take Personal Responsibility – Our staff steps up to make right anything that has gone wrong.  No time to look for blame, only time to look for solutions and opportunities for improvement!
  • THE FIFTH HABIT: Amazing People are Authentic – Part of our job is to educate owners about tough topics – the need to have financial reserves, the risks associated with vacancy, the pros and cons of accepting a tenant with less than perfect credit, the downside of home warranties, and the costs of deferred maintenance.  We must be direct and authentic in order to consistently take actions that are in the best interest of our landlords.
  • THE SIXTH HABIT: Amazing People Turn Moments of Misery into Moments of Magic.  No matter how committed we are to excellent service, there are Moments of Misery – Tenants with no heat on Christmas Day, tenants with a kitchen sink back-up on Thanksgiving, roof leaks, sewage backups, burst pipes, and bats in the attic (just to name a few!).  Our staff understands that these issues must be addressed as quickly as possible!  While we don’t wear superhero capes, we do try to make our tenants and landlords feel that we are ON IT!
  • THE SEVENTH HABIT: Amazing People Habitually Focus on Excellence – Our goal is to be the most responsive property management company in Prince William County and beyond.  In order to meet that goal, we must each be personally committed to excellence, demand excellence from our vendors, and ensure that our landlords understand the dynamics and costs associated with the long-term maintenance of their valuable asset.

In 2020, we’ll continue to focus on these SEVEN HABITS.  We welcome the opportunity to BE AMAZING to our current and future landlords, tenants, and applicants.  Thanks in advance for giving us that opportunity!